Ever Tried ‘Spinning’ Your Vape

Although quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you will ever do, vaping will definitely help make the transition away from tobacco much easier. Vaping is a great way for current smokers to continue enjoying their nicotine habit, but at a reduced risk. Remember, vaping is not smoking!

Unlike cigarettes, vaporizers utilize a vegetable glycerin or propylene Glycol based liquid, which is mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food flavors. Every time you inhale on the vaporizer, the battery-powered atomizer vaporizes the mixture releasing flavored vapor (vapor, not smoke!)

The world of vaping can be overwhelming and confusing for new people who are not sure where to place their foot. I understand everything because I felt exactly the same way when I was starting my vaping journey.

Tobacco AND herbs in your vape

Despite the long history of vaping, most people still don’t know why vaping is better than smoking straight up.

The following is the main reason I consider vaping better than smoking: “Since vaping does not produce smoke, I get rid of the problem of the nasty tobacco smoke smell. This means that I can safely enjoy my tobacco and other herbs in my living room, bed, office, car, in a public movie theatre or other public place… without offending anyone”.

Vaping is great for lovers of tobacco and other recreational herbs like one of my good friends. Although majority prefer premixed vape juice from eliquid-depot.com that can be accessed from this link; which have a wide range of flavor for you to enjoy; To have a great vaping experience, you could consider ‘spinning’ your vape (mixing tobacco with your chronic).

To do this, simply wait for the vaporizer to heat up and then load your favorite herb and tobacco. Since we are using the tobacco to spice up the herbs, make sure the amount of herbs is much more than that of tobacco.

The following are some of the reasons you should consider adding tobacco and your favorite herb in your vape.

  • Adding tobacco to your favorite herb lets you cut down on how much herbs you use in a vape – quite economical.
  • Tobacco helps the herbs burn slower and better giving you more hits out of your herbs – you get the same great level of satisfaction from less herbs.
  • You can also add tobacco to your favorite herb to fill it up – assuming you don’t have enough herbs at hand.
  • Additional experience. Instead of vaping plain herb, consider adding some tobacco to enjoy a whole new vaping experience.

There has been a widespread fear that adding tobacco to your vape could leave the vaporizer with unwanted residue – similar to that produced by ordinary cigs.

Just to clear the air, vaping does not involve combustion thus there should be no cases of residue similar to that produced by ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Secondly, I have used tobacco and herbs in my vape for years and haven’t had cases of unwanted residue – just the normal vaporization residue that is easy to clean.

And when you are experimenting by mixing on your own, you use strict quality control during mixing and measuring the pure glycol/nicotine liquid. This step is critical to ensuring accurate and consistent levels of nicotine in your e liquid. You don’t want a liquid labeled 36mg of nicotine having only 10mg.

It is only after you have made the nicotine strength you need that you add your flavoring. This guarantees a full flavored, full strength e-liquid that will give you the amazing tasting vapor you love.

Using the finest glycol/nicotine base, all-natural flavoring and precise production techniques is the only way to get a true premium quality e liquid.

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